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Qualified meditation and yoga teacher, Liz teaches weekly classes, workshops and also offers Life Balance Coaching.

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Liz runs workshops and retreats through Shakti Womens Wellbeing, for women who are hoping to disconnect with routine and reconnect with themselves.

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Meditation doesn’t have to be scary, difficult or complex. Learn more about this simple and healing practice.

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Just like you and me

I was wondering what I could possibly write about in my blog this month and feeling intimidated by the famous names in meditation and mindfulness such as Jon Kabat-Zinn, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Thich Nhat Hanh and our own Ian Gawler. When they write a post about something I anticipate wisdom and credibility. What could I possibly say that they haven’t already said, but better? Then I realized, they are just like you and me. Like you, it takes commitment for me to practice meditation every day. Like you, I feel like there is so much to learn and understand. Each time we choose to meditate, we have to be disciplined to devote that ten or fifteen minutes to practice stillness, to practice getting in touch with the mind of awareness, instead of the busy active aspect of our mind. If it is like that for us, then it must be the same for them too. Surely? Before I started a regular daily practice of meditation I believed I was hopeless at it, and even though I had tried meditating in the past, I had given up; because that monkey mind was racing and I incorrectly thought I was supposed to be able to just switch it off. Wrong. Fortunately for me, at a time in my life when my health was starting to spiral downwards from too many years of burning the candle at both ends, I attended a retreat with the Capricorn Yoga teachers where they had invited Paul Wilson to teach us to meditate. I almost didn’t go because I described myself as ‘the world’s worst meditator’.  It... read more

The Power of Love

The Christmas present from my son included a Typo calendar, which has little discount vouchers on the bottom of the page each month. In January, I could get a half price notebook. Being addicted to stationery and happy to take advantage of a bargain, of course I used it . It is here on my desk now, and the cover says “THERE ARE SO MANY REASONS TO BE HAPPY Cat videos. Weekends. Pizza.”  Perfect. So in this amazing country of ours where there is plenty for all (especially pizza), why is there so much fear, hate and sadness popping up in the media; and especially, why in my facebook newsfeed? Authors such as Russell Brand and Bruce Lipton caution us against swallowing the hype of the mass media which ultimately gives control to those in power by creating a culture of fear and powerlessness while we direct the blame to anyone who might seem like they are different. They are not to blame -and to blame for what, you could well ask. If we all realized the power of our massive numbers we could amend so many ills in the world, including war, hunger and disease. Focus therefore on the characteristics we have in common. Focus on the love we each feel for our families; the sport we enjoy watching or playing; the recipes the cooks enjoy swapping; the art and music that speaks to each of us regardless of the barrier of language. Look for the shared passion in another and forget about the differences. The ones we need to fear or mistrust are not our neighbours but the corporations who have no heart. Refuse to be led by them... read more

Three Days of Silence

The silence became my three days of solitude, with mostly silence; because I quickly realized that silence is not practical when you are practicing at home with your beloved dog and cat. Leo the dog was especially bewildered by my absence of verbal cues, staring up at me and clearly trying to anticipate what we were up to. To continue in total silence would have been cruel. Misty, being a cat, simply persisted in meowing at me until she received the appropriate response to her demands. So really it wasn’t quite solitude either, with them in attendance, but I pressed on determined to experience what I had planned for my three days between Christmas and New Year with all the family away. I began my journal, and had my first epiphany early on that first day. For many years I have wanted to write a book. I knew what I wanted to share in my book, but after a few false starts, I doubted if it was meant to be written. However, as soon as I began the journal of my three day practice at home, I knew I had found the context within which to write my book. I was ecstatic. This blog therefore is a tiny sample of what I hope to create and share eventually. Apart from the silence/solitude/’pets at home’ debacle, I also found that the time was evolving quite differently to my very loose plan for the three days. My fridge was stocked with fresh fruit and vegies, and nuts for protein. I would be drinking only water and green tea: my version of a cleanse.... read more

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Since I started your meditation classes, I do quite a lot of mindfulness exercises during the course of my day. Now I can relax quickly and get myself back to sleep easily whenever I wake during the night.  Your weekly classes are certainly a very enjoyable and positive influence in my daily life.

Claire Ryan

Liz Hansen is a wonderful down to earth teacher who understands day to day life and an inspiration to handle it with the deepest care to óurselves’.  Liz shows generosity and kindness in all that she does and I would recommend her classes to anyone wanting to learn and make the change for better health and wellbeing.

Rae Riordan