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Liz lives on the Capricorn Coast near Rockhampton in Central Queensland, where she enjoys being involved in a vibrant yoga community. Her particular passion is meditation and providing weekly classes in how to meditate, exploring various techniques and practices.

Her love of yoga began in her late teens watching Swami Sarasvati on television.  Classes with real teachers soon followed but her love of meditation evolved many years later.  Her earlier work as a speech pathologist ensures a strong knowledge of breath and its significance in relaxation.


However, after decades of working excessive hours in the family business, she experienced some stress related health issues, but it wasn’t until she started a daily practice of meditating that she experienced a general improvement in her overall wellbeing. She knew she had to spread the word about the benefits of meditating to the multitudes of people experiencing the negative effects of stress in their lives, and so her classes in meditation began in early 2012.

In May of that year she attended teacher training at the Gawler Foundation in Melbourne and consequently is an accredited teacher in MBSM (Mindfulness Based Stillness Meditation). She is a member of ATMA -Australian Teachers of Meditation Association.  Her psychology/therapy background combined with the skills of behaviour management acquired in her years in business, working with and training people, has provided her with a unique perspective and understanding for the people who attend her classes.

I attend Liz’s meditation classes and her calmness and gentleness puts me into a deep meditative state. I leave her class feeling very relaxed and the techniques she teaches us have helped me cope with the daily stresses of life. As I have had two brushes with cancer, I feel that it is extremely important to minimise stress in my life. I am able to compare Liz’s meditation methods with Reiki as I have experienced the sensation of ‘lead boots’ during meditation with Liz that I have had in Reiki treatments with the gifted Reiki practitioner at Wesley Hospital in Brisbane when I was undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

Barbara Hunt

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