Cinnamon and Cacao Granola Recipe

I made some Cinnamon and Cacao Granola slices to share for afternoon tea at my recent INTRODUCTION TO MEDITATION workshop. It’s yummy and good for you and so I promised to share the recipe. (I think it comes from a webpage called the Good Earth Diet…not certain. My  friend Jeanette gave it to me.) I was able to buy everything from my local health store or grocery shop. Cacao is better than cocoa because it is high in anti-oxidants, aids in weight loss, promotes healthy skin and heart, and improves brain function, as well as containing essential vitamins and minerals.  Need any more convincing.  Enjoy! Cinnamon and Cacao Granola 150g coconut flakes 80 g pepitas (pumpkin seeds) 80 g poppy or sesame seeds 80 g chia seeds 125g pecans roughly chopped (I used raw cashews and walnuts because I was all out of pecans) 80 ml rice meal syrup or honey or…



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