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Different formats suit different people and one size doesn’t fit all, so you can choose from any or all of the options below.

If you would like more information about my classes, workshops, and retreats, or to discuss a private session, please get in touch.

Tuesday: 6.15-7.30pm at Emu Park Gym & Swim. Restorative Yoga, relaxation and meditation. (Non-members welcome, pay $15 to the gym.)

Wednesday: 2.15pm Restorative yoga and meditation. $15 or $45/month*, at CQ Natural Therapy, cnr Denham St Ext & Bowen Tce Rockhampton

Friday: 10.00am-11.15am,  Emu Park Gym & Swim, 28 Cocoanut Point Dr, Seaspray. Pay $15 to the gym (Non-members welcome) Easy Vinyasa flow class.

Saturday: 8am-9am, Jumpstart Fitness, 13 Hill St Yeppoon.  Vinyasa Flow all levels. Pay $5 to the gym (Non-members welcome)

What to Bring

– Yoga mat  – Cushion – Water

*$45/month must be paid at the start of the month and used in that calendar month.

Monday: 6-7pm Meditation, Relaxation and Learning. For Beginners and Beyond. Yeppoon Queen Street Community Hall. $12 or $40/month* Commencing December 4th. No need to book.

Tuesday: 6.15-7.30pm at Emu Park Gym & Swim. Restorative Yoga, relaxation and meditation. (Non-members welcome, pay $15 to the gym.)

Wednesday: 5.45-6.30pm  Relaxation & Meditation. $15 or $45/month* at CQ Natural Therapy, cnr Denham St Ext & Bowen Tce, Rockhampton


Thursday:  6.00pm Meditation Courses: 2018 Timetable TBA, or contact Liz for private tuition.

Friday: 6am-6.30am SIT IN STILLNESS at the Singing Ship, Emu Park. Free to participate. NB: Weather permitting, NOT held in winter

*$40 or 45/month must be paid at the start of the month and used in that calendar month

2018 Timetable for the following courses TBA,

or contact Liz for private arrangements.

Introduction to Meditation

Who What How Why When, Your questions answered. A great place to start if you want to establish a regular practice of meditation. Suitable for groups or individuals sessions.

Cost $75 Email to register

Mindfulness Based Stillness Meditation

This is a seven week course delivering a comprehensive understanding of mindfulness meditation, and in particular the Stillness technique used at the Gawler Foundation Wellbeing Centre.

An excellent foundation for establishing your personal practice of meditation, especially for those on a healing journey.

Costs $275 includes your own copy of Meditation an In-depth Guide by Ian Gawler and Paul Bedson

4 week Guided Imagery Program

Includd in this program is an introduction to understanding the mind, the way in which it works, and how we can use it more creatively and effectively in a way that is personally satisfying, and helpful to others. It covers use of imagery meditation and techniques for personal development (goals and neuroplasticity), inner peace (The Quiet Place, Loving Kindness), and Mind-Body Medicine (White Light Imagery, Accelerated Healing and Pain Management). Cost $225

Contemplation Meditation Course 

This four week course is one of the meditation courses from The Gawler Cancer Foundation. It is not ideal for beginners, but of interest for someone who has a regular practice and wants to investigate this style of meditation. You can discuss more with Liz on 04488 2277. Cost $225.

Life Balance Workshop

Analyse the area/s of your life which are causing your perception of imbalance and receive some tips and strategies for living a life in balance.

Invest $85 to start creating the balanced life you crave


Register by emailing


If you are looking for a gentle yoga class with a focus on a deeper experience of relaxation and restoring wellness, then attending one of my weekly classes might be what you need.

My relaxation and meditation classes are exactly what you would expect, with a variety of experiences of meditation to help you find a style that suits you. We begin with a half hour of relaxation, usually yoga Nidra, some pranayama (breathing) practice and a guided meditation to complete the one hour class.

My yoga classes might vary depending on the location and the ability of those attending, but they are all based on a flowing Vinyasa style of yoga, focusing on breath, uniting body, mind and spirit, and culminating in savasana and stillness. Details of location and times can be found below.


I offer a half day workshop on Introduction to Meditation, which gives a general overview of why, when, where, and how to meditate. You leave with a booklet created by me, and hopefully feeling confident you can begin to meditate. It is also helpful for people who are already attending my classes, so you have a better understanding of why and how meditation works.

I have trained in teaching the Gawler Foundation course on meditation which runs for eight weeks. This requires some commitment, but the Mindfulness Based Stillness Meditation (MBSM) that you learn is well worth the effort. This course is particularly helpful for people wanting to use meditation as part of their healing journey, or simply wanting to manage stress better.

I recommend the MBSM course to anyone wanting to do personal life balance coaching with me, but it isn’t essential.

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