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If you are looking for a gentle yoga class with a focus on a deeper experience of relaxation and restoring wellness, then attending one of my weekly classes might be what you need.

My relaxation and meditation classes are exactly what you would expect, with a variety of experiences of meditation to help you find a style that suits you. We begin with a half hour of relaxation, usually yoga Nidra, some pranayama (breathing) practice and a guided meditation to complete the one hour class.

My yoga classes might vary depending on the location and the ability of those attending, but they are all based on a flowing Vinyasa style of yoga, focusing on breath, uniting body, mind and spirit, and culminating in savasana and stillness. Details of location and times can be found below.


I offer a half day workshop on Introduction to Meditation, which gives a general overview of why, when, where, and how to meditate. You leave with a booklet created by me, and hopefully feeling confident you can begin to meditate. It is also helpful for people who are already attending my classes, so you have a better understanding of why and how meditation works.

I have trained in teaching the Gawler Foundation course on meditation which runs for eight weeks. This requires some commitment, but the Mindfulness Based Stillness Meditation (MBSM) that you learn is well worth the effort. This course is particularly helpful for people wanting to use meditation as part of their healing journey, or simply wanting to manage stress better.

I recommend the MBSM course to anyone wanting to do personal life balance coaching with me, but it isn’t essential.


With a unique background of many and varied experiences and qualifications, I can tailor a program which will help to create the best outcome for a more balanced and satisfying life for you.

My coaching sessions are individualised. After an initial session of one hour minimum to determine what is most needed, I offer a block of either four or six coaching sessions.

If appropriate, I can offer you a Bush Flower Essence as part of your coaching experience, or you can consult with me in a private session after which I can make you an essence tailored for you.

I also take bookings for private yoga or meditation classes.


I love creating one-day or weekend retreats which focus on teaching women to practice self empowerment and care.

My retreats include very gentle yoga, relaxation and stillness practice, including free time for rest, fun and self-care.



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